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Kawaii Derp
• 8/5/2016


This is a small announcement, since I'm on a computer.~

First of all, I'm glad people are joining this wiki! But, I just wanna say that this casual wiki and we don't need that many people. Please do not shove this wiki in other people's faces, only staff members should be advertising this wiki. 

In addition, feel free to run for any staff position! As long as you have good grammar and you're active, you can run! This would be especially good since I can't be as active due to IRL stuff, and I need someone keeping order. The amount of votes needed to pass will be decided once I see how many people actually vote, so don't fret too much on that. The positions you can run for can be seen in the staff tab.

Lastly, canon RPs and anything involving them will be decided later. I do plan on inviting more people not on wikia here, so stuff involving that will be decided then.

Again, I'm glad people are joining this wiki, and I hope you all have a nice day!

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Kawaii Derp
• 8/6/2016

Kawaii Derp wrote: Kinky.

i try

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