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Lethargic Yuki Co.
Fedora Lord Para 348
• 5/5/2017

Danganronpa: Eternal Killing: Prologue Part 1

Tsubasa Academy. World-famous for housing the most talented highschoolers in Japan. And I was about to enter it, as a student.

I guess I should introduce myself. My name is Yuki Tomoe. I'm a fourteen year old boy from Enoshima, Kanagawa. Yes, you read it right. Fourteen. The reason I'm entering this school two years early is because of my academic achivements. I'm known as the Ultimate Researcher. I have great confidence that I can succeed in this environment.

I awoke to see a sapphire-blue ceiling above me. When did I fall asleep? Who carried me here? Why don't I remember falling asleep? I have an abundance of questions.

The room was fairly normal. It had a queen-sized bed, a wardrobe, a connected bathroom, a television, et cetera. Almost as soon as I finished examining my surroundings, I heard a knock at the door.

"Tomoe-san, are you awake?" called a slightly high voice.

I opened the dark brown door. In front of me stood a small, cutesy girl, a rather tall and messy looking girl, and a slick-looking boy.

"The li'l kid is awake!" yelled the tall girl.

The sky was gray. It looked like the three had climbed a small flight of stairs to get to my room.

The small girl spoke up, "My name is Haruka Tadokoro! I'm known as the Ultimate Evocator."



This loli's talent is summoning demons?!

The tall, scruffy girl spoke up next, "My name is Lisa Hanazono! I'm the Ultimate Terrorist! Basically, I blow stuff up and kill people! It's such a fuckin' blast! Get it?!"

Oh, great, we have a bomber and a girl who summons demons.

Lastly, the boy spoke.

"My name is Kazuki Hiruma. I'm the Ultimate Florist. I raise flowers. GOT A PROBLEM WITH THAT?! God damn, you're such a prick!"

The Kazuki person stomped away angrily. I surmise that he must have some sort of mental illness. Hopefully it will not affect my school life very much.

"Hey! The li'l kid is alone with two girls! Why isn't he blushing?"

"Hanazono-san, I don't believe that all boys have problems being around girls by themselves."

I spoke up. "Yuki Tomoe. Ultimate Researcher. Pleased to make your acquaintance! Oh and, um, I'm not actually attracted to girls romantically; I'm homosexual."

"Oh," Haruka exclaimed "I'm glad that our group is more diverse than I thought!"

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Lethargic Yuki Co.
Fedora Lord Para 348
• 5/5/2017

Oh, nice! Super excited to see where this goes.

Haruka and Aiko would get along very well.

But already we've got a crazy terrorist, a boy florist, and a loli demon summoner. Your cast is already way better than mine.

• 5/5/2017

I'm glad that you like it. XD

I think so, as well.

I doubt it's better than your's, lol.

I've already thought up of the first execution. It just might be as crazy Mondo's. XD

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