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  • Fedora Lord Para 348

    Alright, so after getting into the Danganronpa series and seeing this colorful collection of (some) amazing characters, I've decided to do the only logical thing which tooooootally hasn't been done one million times before and rank them all. So here we go.

    16: Hifumi Yamada

    Biiiiiiig surprise here, right? Everyone hates Yamada. Honestly, there's not much to really say about this guy that hasn't already been said. He's annoying and useless, he gets tricked too easily by Celest, he's gross and creepy toward Alter Ego, and he reminds us all of that weird weeaboo kid we all knew from middle school. Honestly, he had some kind of funny lines of dialogue, and I think he makes a great satire character for all the weeaboos out there, it's just... I…

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  • Fedora Lord Para 348

    Alright, so I'm a pretty big fan of Danganronpa, and immediately after getting into the series, and came here... only to find out it was essentially dead. The creator seems to be gone, and vandals show up from time-to-time. So, I have a few proposals on some things we can do now, if this place stays in the shape it is now.

    I'm considering contacting Wikia staff so that I may become an Admin and Bureaucrat here, just to keep this Wiki in tip-top shape. Gamesee has done an excellent job, but simply is not around for the time being. With vandals occasionally popping up, and little defense against them, we need to crack down as soon as humanly possible. The only things we can do from this point on are either 1. Get a hold of Gamesee and br…

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